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400 Buckner Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49037

 About Us

Tap Transport, Inc. has been in transportation since 1981, founded by Ace and Tracey Pengelly. Years of service include "just in time" shipments of automotive materials and products assuring you "ON TIME- EVERY TIME" service. We are well noted in the midwest regions for commitment and quality of service. 


Ace and Tracey Pengelly partnered over 25 years ago to form Tap Transportation, Inc. Together they manage and operate the business with total commitment to their customers. A 24 hour availability has never been an issue. Long standing loyalty from the employees of Tap Transport, Inc. has been a big factor for the company. The dedication to quality and service has never been overlooked. 

Tap Transport, Inc. and it's devoted staff will always strive for the complete satisfaction of it's customer. 

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